Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Desert Noises - Indie Band with a 2nd Generation Osmond

Tyler Osmond

So I was listening to this band I had never heard of before called Desert Noises. I was really liking some of their music. Then I find out the bass player is Tyler Osmond. Yes, from THAT Osmond family.

Now those that knew me as a kid know I was a huge Osmond fan in the 70's. (I wrote about it here: "Rediscovering The Osmonds") Tyler is Alan Osmond's youngest son. (Alan was the oldest performing Osmond Brother.) Alan has eight sons who grew up performing with each other just like he did with his brothers.
Alan Osmond (top) with brothers & Marie

I'd seen Tyler and his brothers growing up in the 90's on television. They even put out a couple of albums as The Osmond Boys. Eventually the boys grew into teenagers and young adults and  billed themselves as The Osmonds 2nd Generation. Throughout the 90's the original Osmond Brothers performed in their theatre in Branson, MO. The 2nd Generation would join them on stage from time to time.

I believe only of few of the 2nd Generation are still performing. David Osmond auditioned for American Idol back in 2009. He made it to Hollywood but laryngitis eventually got him kicked off. This year he's touring with his aunt Marie. Both David and Nathan Osmond continue to put CD's out but their music is very different than Tyler's.
Tyler wearing glasses, David middle no jacket, Nathan top middle

Only twenty-four, Tyler is definitely of the new generation and makes his older brothers seem almost old fashioned. His music is current. When I listened to his brothers CD's it was no surprise it was an Osmond. When I listened to Desert Noises I would have never guessed an Osmond was in the band.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing the Osmonds. They were a big part of my childhood and when times are tough and the stress level gets to be too much I like to put on an Osmond Brother song or two to bring me back to what I perceive as a "better" time. Also, for those who don't remember or only know the Donny & Marie days; the original Osmond Brothers were very much a rock and roll band. All the way up until their record label made Donny a teeny bopper. As for David, Nathan and all of the 2nd Generation they're very talented.

Brennan, Kyle, Patrick, Tyler
Osmond fan or not I definitely recommend checking Desert Noises out. (Videos below)

Here's more about Desert Noises taken from their website desertnoises.com:

The name Desert Noises—like many of the band’s songs on their debut full-length 27 Ways—came out of a dream that popped into front-man Kyle Henderson’s head while sleeping. “I just woke up and wrote it down on a piece of paper,” says the 24-year-old, who used it for the band he’d first formed with his brother and a friend in the Provo/Orem, Utah, area. Joined by fellow twenty-something cohorts in bassist Tyler Osmond, guitarist Patrick Boyer and drummer Brennan Allen, the foursome set out in a van three years ago and haven’t stopped since. 27 Ways is being released on L.A-based indie label SQE Music.
Recorded in the magical Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, Texas, on the banks of the Rio Grande with producer Nick Jodoin [Black Rebel Motorcycle Club], the album turns those experiences into songs which detail 27 ways of breaking away and becoming a touring rock ‘n’ roll band. 27 Ways incorporates influences of beat-oriented soul and R&B as well as classic psychedelic rock (Led Zeppelin is a big touchstone), often in the same song.
Desert Noises has spent the last two years building a reputation as a must-see live act by touring relentlessly and bringing their signature brand of unbridled, infectious rock to clubs and major festivals throughout the U.S, including high-visibility gigs at Hangout Fest, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and LouFest in St. Louis.
After listening to 27 Ways and experiencing their live show, it becomes abundantly clear that Desert Noises’ level of songwriting and performance is refined well beyond their years.