Monday, May 9, 2011

Best songs about being on stage...

There are three songs that I have always felt described being on stage to a tee:
Lights by Styx
Blinding Light Show by Triumph
Limelight by Rush

Having been a musician all my life, and performing in front of people for as long as I can remember, I know these songs. I may not know the "fame" aspect as these bands do, but the songs always touched me... told a bit of my story, I guess.

I think Lights best describes the "why" you perform... the need...

Blinding Light Show almost hauntingly describes the view, the sounds, the feelings when you're on stage.

Limelight gives the reality - the good, the bad and the ugly.

I forgot about Foreigner's Jukebox Hero - This song is what made me add this post. I was listening to it and remembering 1981, summer after my freshmen year in high school, and all I wanted to do was play music. I didn't care about anything else. I was lucky enough to actually be playing music, onstage, every weekend. Funny how we always desire more then we have.

This song was like an anthem - I was going to be like the kid in the song. It didn't happen quite as I imagined back then, but what in life happens just as we imagine. What I didn't realize at the time was that I was living that dream already.

This song is about the dreams we dream, and sometimes they can come true. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


My life through music is a personal exploration of how music has not only affected me throughout my life, but told the story of what was happening to me internally at just about every stage of my life. I'm not a writer, nor do I always have words to describe what is going on with me inside, but music has always given me those words, whether I was conscious of it or not at the time.

Every stage of my life will have certain songs that had a deep impact on me; songs that spoke to me in ways no other medium or person could. They tell my story, my journey, my life.

To begin, simply follow the table of contents (My Life) on the left, or use the links below:

Are You Up There

Teen Years
Crystal Ball 
Half A Mile Away
But The World Goes Round
Six Weeks E very Summer
I Don't Care Anymore

Young Adult
Mine All Mine
Extreme: III Sides to Every Story
In The Night


to be continued...