Monday, April 25, 2011


My life through music is a personal exploration of how music has not only affected me throughout my life, but told the story of what was happening to me internally at just about every stage of my life. I'm not a writer, nor do I always have words to describe what is going on with me inside, but music has always given me those words, whether I was conscious of it or not at the time.

Every stage of my life will have certain songs that had a deep impact on me; songs that spoke to me in ways no other medium or person could. They tell my story, my journey, my life.

To begin, simply follow the table of contents (My Life) on the left, or use the links below:

Are You Up There

Teen Years
Crystal Ball 
Half A Mile Away
But The World Goes Round
Six Weeks E very Summer
I Don't Care Anymore

Young Adult
Mine All Mine
Extreme: III Sides to Every Story
In The Night


to be continued...