Friday, August 30, 2013

STYX ROCK @ Hampton Beach - Venue not-so-much

Photo: In The Studio with Redbeard
It's no secret I LOVE Styx. So it's pretty amazing that in over 30 years of loving this band I've only seen them live twice. The first time was in 2011 in Colorado and the second time was last night. Both times they rocked it!

Great set list (see below.) The only two things I missed from 2011 were Chuck Panozzo (He played a couple of songs in 2011. No appearence last night) and Castle Walls. They did such an amazing job with that song in 2011 I was hoping to hear it again. Other than that I have no complaints - about the band. The venue, however...

Before I get into that, I want to mention how Tommy Shaw's daughter had a raffle for a signed guitar for the bands charity Rock to the Rescue. In April of this year the band, along with REO Speedwagon, raised money for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. Last night they raised money for York Center for Wildlife. Read more about Rock to the Rescue on their website

I also want to share this five minute video that I made of some footage I shot last night.

WARNING: It's pretty bad. I used my phone and could not get close to the stage. But I put what I did get into a single video simply to share with other fans. Enjoy!

Okay now back to the venue:

Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach, NH.

My view of stage. Shows angle of tables
 I know it's got amazing history and everyone from Zeppelin to George Carlyn have played there, but let me tell you, unless you are front and center seating sucked. It was very uncomfortable standing because chairs were so tight and awkward due to the tables. Yes I said tables. Most of the seating, with the exception of right in front of the stage, is tables and chairs so that people can eat beforehand. Nice concept, and maybe for a comedian, when you don't stand all night, that would be great. But for a band it became awkward.

View from the front.
Photo: this-is-melisa.tumblr
The tables are so close together and our section had the left side of the tables virtually with backs to the stage. We had to turn the chairs around and butt them up against the table but then the person in front of you stands and pushes their chair back into you. Not comfortable. Especially when you have to shift to an angle to be facing the stage (click the above pic to see the tables and angle.) Everyone around us had the same complaints and again, if you stay seated, as we did for the opening act, it's not to bad. (Heads do get in the way though, because you're on flat ground.)

All and all there are better venues to see a band but for Styx I'd go just about anywhere. I will say I was surprised acoustically. The sound was very good. Food was average. (We had chicken fingers and fries.)


  1. Blue Collar Man
  2. The Grand Illusion
  3. One With Everything
  4. Fooling Yourself
  5. Lady
  6. Lorelei
  7. Man in the Wilderness
  8. Miss America
  9. I'm OK
  10. Crystal Ball
  11. Light Up
  12. Pieces of Eight
  13. Too Much Time on My Hands
  14. Sing-a-long: Tiny Dancer/You Can't Always Get What You Want/Light My Fire/Black Dog/Fat Bottom Girls
  15. Come Sail Away
  16. Rockin' the Paradise
  17. Renegade

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