Monday, August 19, 2013

Rediscovering The Osmond Brothers

I was going through some music for an upcoming wedding that I'll be DJing and got caught up in some great old songs: Stevie Wonder - "For Once in My life", The Beatles - "Something", Dusty Springfield - "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me", Percy Sledge - "When a Man Loves a Woman" just to name a few.

Then I came across The Osmond Brothers remake of the Temptations "I Can't Get Next To You." Now those that know me know that I was a huge Osmond fan growing up from about ages 9 through 14. Listening to this song some 30 plus years later I really enjoyed it.

I then found myself getting reacquainted with some of the other Osmond Brothers songs from the early 70's. Most people know the teeny bopper songs from Donny & Marie but the brothers wrote songs that leaned more towards rock-n-roll than teen idol. Teen idol was not what they had wanted for themselves.

In an interview with all the brothers back around 2000-2001 they spoke about how the decision to do the Donny and Marie Show ruined any potential to go back to the career that they had all wanted.
Here's that piece of that interview:

(More of the interview below)

Here are some of the songs they wrote back then: 

This song tends to shock people when they find out it's the Osmonds.

This next song was also a favorite of mine. It was a huge hit in England.

This one is live.

And here's more of that interview for those of you who may be interested. It's a nice insight into the brothers. Also, they show their talented vocals and harmonies with a little impromptu vocal exercise.

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